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Awarded August 9, 2004
Thank you, Sunset Surfers!

Awarded August 13, 2004
Thank you, BT Design

Awarded August 26, 2004
Thank you, Raffaele Russo!

Awarded September 26, 2004
Thank you, Keepsake Awards!


Copyright Statement

Copyright 2004 - 2013 Jan DeCourtney, CMT All rights reserved.

Images are original graphics or have been used with permission. Text is original writing or has been used with permission.

The lovely Life Spring Healing Arts logo was closely inspired by a line drawing in the book Staying Healthy With the Seasons (Celestial Arts 1981, 2003) by Elson Haas, MD. The original artist is Richard Moffett from San Francisco. My website designer Doug Wray redrew it and added color, resulting in the beautiful logo.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is respected. This site strives to meet high standards for the safety, welfare, and protection of children and all people. I would like all people to be happy and safe.

The use of your e-mail address will be limited to the purpose for which it was intended (notification of the book publication). It will not be sold or given out.

Although this website is not primarily intended for children, in collaboration with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), children under 13 must obtain their parent's consent (via letter or fax) to participate.

This website has been certified Child Safe by SafeSurf and iWatchdog.

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