In my many years of exploration in the world of health remedies, I've discovered and learned that much healing can be done by oneself. Thus I offer you some resources for self-help and self-care for your own condition and life. Please note that the information in this self-help section of my website is for educational purposes and is not medical advice.

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Recapture Your Health The 3LS Self-Help Wellness Program

Some of the best self-help advice I know of for achieving and maintaining vibrant health is included in the book I have co-authored with Dr. Walt Stoll. Recapture Your Health offers a specific self-care healing protocol which is very effective for reversing many chronic health conditions, including many stubborn or "incurable" ailments. The healing protocol can also create greater, optimum health for people who are already pretty healthy. Many other self-help options are also included in our book. We couldn't put all this information on our websites, so we produced a book for you that is easy to read and understand.

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